The reality of today is that criminal activity is insidious, it's global and it's harmful effects impact many industries regardless of size or location. Once the onus of large international financial institutions, Governance, Risk and Compliance is now the responsibility and the reality for a wide spectrum of industries, with small and medium sized businesses as accountable as large institutions. 

With the very real threat of punitive fines, the challenge for businesses operating today is how best to comply with, and satisfy their local AML legal obligations and manage the risks, whilst minimising the impact all this has on day to day operations. 

Dimension GRC is proud to offer a solution - and total peace of mind.
Dimension GRC is proud to offer a solution… 

Dimension GRC brings together subject matter expertise from across institutional global transaction banking, information technology, business change management, compliance and regulatory guidance to deliver a bespoke solution for your company, no matter the size or industry segment. 

Dimension GRC offers you a choice of data components providing you flexibility and control. You define the parameters that suit your business, your customers and your risk appetite. Any of these can be altered as circumstance or business strategy dictates.

Your Dimension GRC solution can be a stand-alone solution or integrated into your existing systems.  This, coupled with our industry subject matter expertise, means your company can feel reassured it is making the right decisions at the right time. 

The practical result is increased clarity and improved risk management optimisation enabling greater focus on your customer and core business.

Our People

We’re a diverse and approachable team with experience across international & institutional banking, central banking & AML / CFT regulatory bodies, technology and business change management. We know what businesses need and we know what regulators want. 

Our team are handpicked Senior Practitioners and Subject Matter Experts with backgrounds in Risk Management, Compliance and Regulatory oversight.

Daniel Rogers - Chief Executive Officer

Daniel has specialised in Global Trade and Transaction Banking since 1996 and has been involved with Anti-Money Laundering Legislation since the introduction of the Patriot Act in the United States in October 2001.

Throughout his career, Daniel has managed relationships with multi-national and top tier corporate clients and with Government entities. What is key is that Daniel is familiar with both sides of the coin – both as a user and supplier of Governance Risk and Compliance information.

Daniel was later co-founder and Managing Director of a globally recognised Anti-Money Laundering software RegTech company.

Jenine Colmore-Williams - Chief Operating Officer

Jenine is a senior operations executive with experience improving the commercial, operational, and people related processes in large financial organisations across the private and government sector.

People are her thing. She excels in getting people on board with organisational change, champions process simplification and stimulates productive business partnerships. Her skill and passion has been instrumental in driving positive organisational change across New Zealand, Australia, AsiaPac, Europe, the US and the UK.

As COO of Dimension GRC Jenine offers her wealth of corporate knowledge of the hooks and pitfalls of setting up robust AML processes, and can help your company negotiate its way efficiently through the journey.

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